Best Roach Repellent Home Remedies

roach home remedies

Roaches are pesky insects that normally live in houses, apartments and public buildings all around United States. It has been estimated that at least 78% of all the homes that are located within an urban setting have cockroaches. This means that almost 2/3 of the U.S. population lives in homes that are occupied by cockroaches. People who experience problems with cockroaches can dispose of them through the use of these best roach killer home remedies that already tested.

1. Some baking products can Kill cockroaches

Believe it or not cockroaches cannot survive out of all kinds of food available for human consumption. People sometimes use baking soda and powdered sugar to make candy, but can also use these products to the Elimination of cockroaches. The owners can mix these two common ingredients together to form a deadly toxin cockroach. Apparently, cockroaches will be drawn to sugar and eat the mixture, but once they eat baking soda they will be mixed with your stomach acid causing the interior to fail.

2. Bleach

Bleach is another article of the common house that many people have there. Bleach will kill cockroaches, due to its chemical structure. You should put chlorine in drains, sinks and tubs to keep these creatures use them as travel routes.

3. Vaseline

Vaseline is known to keep people hydrated, but it can also be used to destroy cockroaches. Owners should be placed some type of sweet treat inside a jar and place a little petroleum jelly around the inside edge. After a cockroaches enter the vial for the sweet that will not be able to escape because of the substance of deadly oil it will find from the gelatin.

4. Lemony smell

Cockroaches do not like the smell of lemon and owners can squeeze four fresh lemons or use lemon juice and add it to the water. Once you have created a solution of lemon can then wipe the solution on your counters, cabinets and around your kitchen sink in order to reduce the number of roaches in your home.

5. the beer and wine

Beer, wine and alcohol strong are all them large substances to eliminate cockroaches or many others types of pests not press. Alcohol works well because most of the insects cannot manage the effects of alcohol and when they consume the natural sugars of this substance, who will die by drowning due to intoxication. Pour the alcohol in a container and put it in a dark hidden space. This method is very effective.

6 WD 40

WD-40 can be used for most things that your car can also help “lead” cockroaches of distance. This substance works equally well as an insecticide, but it is not as harmful to the environment.

7. cover apples

Apples of coverage are unique pieces of fruit that grow over coverage of a person if they have this kind of plants in your yard. These apples are not the same as the regular apples and act as a natural repellent for all kinds of insects including cockroaches. As question indeed, an Apple placed in the interior of a room can keep with efficiency insects away until by two months at a time.

8 get a Gecko

Geckos are lizards that eat insects as part of their natural diet. A homeowner can buy a Gecko and let free in his house during the hours of the night in order to eliminate roaches. This is a natural way to get rid of pests, but homeowners should not use insecticides if you decide to go this route.

9. keep a clean environment

Keeping a clean home could not complete eliminate cockroaches but it will reduce their number. Good cleaning habits go a long way with the Elimination of cockroaches.

10 apply Borax

Borax is a powerful agent that will eliminate cockroaches. Apply this substance in the places which is out of sight of children and pets. Roach populations diminish over time with the use of this product.